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Pros and Cons of Gadget Using for Children - Technology nowadays is greatly developed. It gives every single of us a bunch of benefits which surely make our daily activities easier. When it comes to talk about technology, the greatest development of it is the invention of gadget, especially gadgets. Those includes smartphone, computers, and etc.
Children using gadget
Today, every single thing is able to be done through smartphone. From texting, calling, noting, and even banking. So that a lot of people from any age seem need and use that kind of technology. But what about children using gadget?

Pros of Gadget Using for Children

1.     Children especially toddlers, will get better skill of motoric by using gadgets. It is because their fingers are working out when they pressing keyboard or clicking mouse in playing games. This also works as well as in touch screen. Not only having better motoric skill, children will also have defter hands and fingers.

2.     Most parents think that playing games will make the IQ of their children decrease. In contrast, playing games will improve their cognitive skills, instead of making children’s brain dull. There are a lot of attractive and interesting games which are provided in smartphone, such as puzzle, scriblle, coloring, drawing, and many more. Those are old games which are able to improve children’s cognitive skills, but now in more convenient and easier media.

Cons of Gadget Using for Children

1.     Children will be less sociable. They will not have the desire to play outside with other friends. This will make children have no friends, which is not good for their social life. The relationship within the family will also not be good. Children will be emotionless person and do not have any sympathy for other people around them. The using of gadget for children will make them do not have any care.

2.     According to a lot of researches and studies, the using of gadget for children will make the end up having disabilities of development. Such as obesity since they sit for a long time and does not make a lot of movement. More kids are diagnosed with other problems such as ADHD, psychiatric disorders, coordination disorder, anxiety and even depression.

3.     Children is greatest impersonator. If the parents do not really pay attention at what their children play or watch through their gadgest, the children will end up having bad habits. Let’s say, bullying which mostly happens nowadays.

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