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SEO Basics to Optimize Your Site - Knowing the basic of Search Engine Optimization is essential. Your website will be in the proper position by the helps of SEO. People will be easily found your website in the buying process or if people look for your website. Here some introduction to the beginner, but if you are the SEO professionals and want to optimize your website more, you can read this too.

SEO Basics to Optimize Your Site

What is SEO?

The objective of the Search Engine Optimization is not to manipulate the search engines. The goal of SEO is to create limited and flawless user experience. It is also to tell search engines your purposes so they will suggest your website for related searches.

Your Website Looks like a Cake

The social media, paid search and also links are acting like the icing. The content, management system, infrastructure and information architecture acts like the sugar. All of them create the cake. If you don’t have one or two or all of them, then your cake becomes boring and tasteless. Moreover, the cake is ready to be thrown to the trash.

Search Engines Look for These

Every search engines intend doing their jobs as the best they can to refer the relevant website to users. They give the most suitable content which looked for by the users. The relevancy is determined by these items. First is the content which determine from the theme asked in Search Engine Optimization. In addition, text on the page, titles and descriptions are provided as well. The performance is one of the items.

Whether your website is fast or not and whether it works properly or not. The authority of the website just like it has good content for linking. Or perhaps other websites has authority use your website for the reference. The user experience should be considered too. The look of the website, the easiness in navigating, and the safety have to be great.

Search Engines Are NOT Looking For These

The web of search engine only provides a specific number of data storage. If you try to trick and play shady way, there will be opportunities that you can hurt yourself for long time. The search engines don’t want these items such as too much keyword. The overuse of keywords cannot work on the pages.

The purchased links which is like buying links don’t work well for SEO so you should be careful. Poor user experience will not be interesting. Make sure to make the website is easy to look around. Putting too many ads will make it difficult for user to see the content and it doesn’t need in Search Engine Optimization.

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