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Health Tips for Your Mind and Body

source - Many health tips are available for you to get the healthy lifestyle. They are to prevent the most common health problems such as heart disease, cancer, stroke and diabetes. Here are the recommendation from the physicians to get your mind and body healthy.

Daily exercise
Brushing teeth every day is as important as doing exercises in your daily activity. Turn off your computer and TV and have exercise about 30 minutes. For having healthy heart, do aerobic exercise. Many choices are available such as jogging, walking, biking, swimming and many more. If you don’t like being as an athlete, at least you can do walking.

The health tips are walking for 10 minutes in a day will be really helpful. You are not accustomed yet with exercise, and then try the simple one first. Just like park your car far from usual, so you have to walk to the door. Instead using elevator, take the stairs to reach your office. If you use bus, get off one stop from the stop you usually and walk. Walk with your spouse after work will be relaxing yourself and reduce the stress. 

Healthy diet 
Stop eating fast food and junk food. Those kinds of food can harm your brain, hearth and your health. It is because those foods are high in fats, cholesterol and salt. Change the habit to eat healthy foods such as fruits, vegetables, nuts, fish and many more. People called these healthy tips with the Mediterranean diet. 

Weight loss
Over weight has bad risk to your health. Taking too much calories than burning them makes you get fat easily. You should eat less and do exercise more. Try to change the lifestyle with these health tips. By losing the weight, you can prevent yourself from disease such as diabetes, stroke or heart disease. 

Regular physical exams 
See the doctor and tell about your medical history. You can learn the risk factor of your personal health and do screening test if needed. For women, they can have mammograms for breast cancer and Pap test for cervical cancer. For men, they may have PSA test for prostate cancer. Regularly check your blood pressure, cholesterol test and diabetes. These health tips are to have immunization depend on your age such as flu or pneumonia shots. 

Less stress 
Being healthy, we should set our own boundaries. Set your work hours and make sure not too much. Do exercise, spend time with family and eat and sleep properly will reduce stress. That’s simple health tips but really works.

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