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What You Should Do to Get Approval from Google AdSense - Google AdSense approval perhaps becomes one of the issues which often faced by newbie bloggers. There are many beginners which commonly get disapproval from this AdSense after they have made a number of posts in their website.

Approval from Google AdSense
The problem is that when sometimes when you have followed the rules and policy strictly and the recommendations to fix it a, you remain getting the disapproval. In fact, the key of getting approval from the AdSense actually is not really difficult as long as you keep obeying their rules and policy. However, there are several factors that you need to concern since they play important role in contributing to the approval from AdSense.

Approval Google AdSense
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Well-constructed Framework

The framework refers to parts of the website such as homepage, posts, as well as archives. A homepage for example need to be constructed in great and interesting way since it builds the first impression when people visit your websites. It can be done by arranging various kinds of post category in the homepage.

As alternative, you also can display the lists of plain post. Make sure that you never include any category in the list which directly linked to 404 error. In your website, you also can make several important pages such as about, contact, privacy policy, and disclaimer. One of the policies from AdSense that need to be fulfilled is that you need to give your real name in about page. Avoiding third-party programs and using Google Analytics can support the blog as well.

Originality of content

One of the factors assessed in order to get Google AdSense approval is originality. They will look down on you when you make a copyright content or poor quality post in the website. The majority of search engines probably are quite tricky to know whether you post original content or not, but if you use AdSense, you need to be aware of it. You can avoid copyright content by making posts which are valuable to the visitors of the website. You also need to avoid post in small amount of content since it can be detect by AdSense.

Time of application

In some of countries, people need to wait within a couple of months before they are able to use AdSense. When you just make a website or blog, it is no surprising if it is hard to get the approval. It is because search engines cannot reach your blog before it is fully built. Hence, it is quite normal to wait until several next months before your website actually obtain Google AdSense approval.

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