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The Roles of Technology for Health Care Advancements - The development and invention of technology are really fast nowadays and able to make our daily activities easier. It is like everything is in our hands.

For instance, we are able to communicate, to note, even to do banking in one of the invention of technology called gadgets. Not only gadgets, there are a lot of inventions of technology which are able to give us a bunch of advantages in any kinds of field such as education, business, communication, and many more. So, what are the benefits of technology in health care?

1.     Electronic Health Record (EHR) is the one biggest benefits of technology for health care. The documentation, pharmacy, and recovery progress of the patients are able to be noted in one structured platform. No paper is needed to note any health graphic of the patients. Moreover, electronic health record is also able to be used as tool of population and data health in the future.

2.     Mobile health allows the patients to monitor and understand their health and recovery progress using gadgets such as smartphone. Mobile healthy also allows doctors, physicians, and other health providers to provide health information to their patients. It also allows them to monitor the patients when they are outside the hospitals, labs, and offices. Mobile health is a tool for reaching information of the patients and also for documentation.

3.     Tools of remote monitoring health allows the patients to monitor their health by themselves. This reduces their costs they spend when they have to visit their personal doctors or physicians. Those remote monitoring health tools are able to be connected to remote center. So that if there is something happen with the patients, they are able to be contacted. The tools are really suitable for the patients with chronic diseases, since other people or experts are able to monitor their health.

4.     Wearable technologies and sensors allows the doctors, physicians, and other health care providers to collect the data of their patients and also monitor their health and recovery progress. For example, machine for patients with heart attack. This machine allows the doctors to monitor and see the condition of patients’ heart. The machine is able to alert if there is something wrong with the patients, so that fatal incident can be minimized. There is also a bandage which is able to detect the level of pH in skin.

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