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Unbelievable Health Tricks but Work - Lots of health tricks shared to keep your health such as eat less, lose weight and do more exercise. Get good sleep, drink water and many more are one of the regular things to do to keep the health. However, here are some health tricks which are unbelievable but work well.

For better nap, drink coffee 

There is a study in Japan which examined the effectiveness of taking coffee nap for the health. These health tricks are about to consume one or two cups of coffee and take a nap or just rest for 20 minutes will have better result on computer tests. You may wonder how these can happen. Having nap for 20 minutes is just the time when the caffeine work and clear the brain. It will maximize the alertness.

Don't brush after eating 

Brushing teeth right after eating is not recommendable, especially after you eat something acidic such as citrus fruits, tomatoes, soda, etc. Those foods can soften the enamel in your tooth. These health tricks were told by dentist. It’s better to brush your teeth after 30 until 60 minutes eating.

Leave out energy drinks 

You should know that energy drinks consists of more than five times caffeine than coffee. They really work when you feel tired. However, there will be the side effects such as rapid heartbeat, irritability and nervousness. The sweet on the energy drinks can increase the blood sugar. Commonly, after drinking this drink you will feel lethargic and want to drink another energy drink again and again.

Health Tricks

If you're bloated, drink water 
If you are bloated, drink water seems like worsen. However, doing these health tricks often help. When you are in fiber diet, you will need more water. The water will mix with the soluble fiber and change it into gel. It can reduce the bloating. You can reduce the dehydration as well. When you feel dehydrated, your body needs water so much and making you bloated.

Avoid diet soda in losing weight 

Don’t drink all soda even the diet one. Research shows that people who overweight usually drank diet and soda. Moreover, people who drink diet will eat calories than people who drank soda. Don’t believe easily to soda with low fat, low sugar or light. Those are not always right. Some of them just put the additional sugar. Some people may already know about these health tricks, but some other still believe on drinking soda and diet

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